Karolina Larmoir

Blunt Only by Nature


Physical Appearance:

Icy blue pale skin, frost coloured hair.

Physical Statistics:

Class Warrior Level 7
Race Rain Troll Sub-Race Ear
Body 6 Mood 8
Wealth 2 Gold 0 GP
Body O O O O O
Mood O O O O O O O O
Strength 8 Quickness 7
Reason 4 Charisma 5
Heart 8 Magic 6

Racial Abilities:

  • Troll Regeneration – Can regenerate Body score per season. This can re-attach limbs, organs, and the head. If a vital part of a troll’s anatomy is withheld or prevented from regrowing for a season, then the troll dies. Parts with the ability to move (crawling hands, inching legs) move dumbly toward their fellow parts if such exist within 50 feet; otherwise, detached parts are inert. If a troll is brought to 0 Body and burned, it cannot regenerate. In combat, a troll can regenerate 1 Body by using two consecutive tricks. Troll regeneration does not regenerate characteristic damage unless the troll has another ability that allows this.
  • Detachable Parts (Right Ear) – Trolls also have one body part that functions remotely. Choose one body part; you can never change your choice. The remote functioning works up to one mile away.
  • History Wise – Rain trolls start all histories or skills at 6, rather than 4, for the first point that they put into the history. Subsequent points work normally.

Class Abilities:

  • Armour – You exploit your armor to the fullest. Your armor can absorb 1 Body per quality point, rather than the normal 1 Body per two quality points.
  • Combat mastery – Any time you hit with a mastery maneuver against someone with fewer levels than you have martial levels, increase the
    damage by 2.

Character Skills:

Inspirations Rank
Oath to Serve and Protect 4
Devotion to the Team 3
Hatred of Misdirection and Distraction 1
Histories Rank
Misspent Youth – Grew up on the Streets 16
Military Training – Praetorian Guard 14
Trained Physique – Large and in Charge 12
Friend of the Spellbound – We go way Back 10
Reputation Rank
Antagonist to the Brass Growlers – Negative 4
Languages Rank
Opanan Native
Avedinian Fluent
Dunlorian Fluent
Marnhate Functional
Martial Talent Rank Description
Parry Minor When wielding a one-handed weapon without a shield, you gain an additional dQck defense die. You can use this ability once per scene (minor), three times per scene (major), or three times per scene plus with every mastery maneuver (grand).
Steadfast Minor When someone tries to damage your Mood during combat, you gain a bonus Heart die to defend, once per scene (minor); three times per scene (major); or on every attempt (grand).
Intimidate Minor You can roll your Strength instead of Charisma as a social attack die whenever you attempt to intimidate your opponent. You can do this once (minor), twice (major), or an unlimited number (grand) of times per scene.
Fighting Style Rank Chosen Maneuvers (Novice)
Twin Weapon Master -
Palisade Assault Apprentice -
Guardsman Apprentice -

Character Gear – (to get: 3 items of WL 1)

Gear Quality Cost Wealth Req. Stat Other
Armour: Steel and Bone Lamellar 4 - - 4 STR -
Primary Weapon: Roofsword 5 600 4 5 STR Increase the attack die size by two when attempting to damage an item.
Off-hand Weapon: Longsword 3 300 3 4 STR -
Shield: Pavise 2 100 2 5 STR With back strap for when not being held.
Clothing: Soldier 3 100 2 - -
Alchemy: Red Sulfur 2 100 2 - At high speeds, red sulfur reacts with air to shed lurid light. The air fades to black over the course of two minutes (high winds cut this time to two rounds). While glowing, the red sulfur eliminates any effects of darkness.
Alchemy: Spagyric Poultice 3 100 2 - Strapping this net of crushed and oiled herbs against your skin for a day grants you a bonus for the remainder of the week. Roll the poultice’s Quality die as a bonus die whenever attempting to shake off or avoid contracting disease.
Tools: Engineer’s Crowbar 3 100 2 - Able to make a STR 12 check against anything that could be opened with a crowbar.
Tattoo: Back, TBD 2 50 1 - A tattoo has double its quality when
first revealed.
Tattoo: Right Shoulder, Tiwesdæg Company Insignia 2 50 1 - A tattoo has double its quality when first revealed.

History with Captain:
There’s a faceful of dirt, and then there’s a faceful of shit, Carys recalls her grandmother saying when she thought she couldn’t hear her, and Ms. Reeves has decided that this must be one of those facefuls of shit. She gets barely three or four decent days of leave in a year, and something always seems to screw them up big time.

Right now, she’s actually lying in the dirt after having had her seat swiped from under her. She was just trying to enjoy a quiet meal at a streetside restaurant, the “nice” kind of open-plan place where the smells waft into the street and the food is a little dodgy, when she felt her pockets being picked. Whipping round to reach for whatever weapon she has on her, she just reaches the hilt of her dagger when the bench is kicked out from under her and five more people stand up in the place to advance. Why the hell she insists on dining in the worst parts of Lower Opana, even she doesn’t know.

Outnumbered and probably outgunned, she takes a decisive spring off the floor and rolls towards the nearest wall, trying not to let anyone get behind her as she always forgets to cover it. A swinging kick comes at her from her left and catches her in the corner of her eye, sending her reeling. There’s a ringing sensation for a moment where she thinks of the best spell to cast and braces for further hits, but….nothing comes. Squinting out carefully, there’s a smash as the pickpocketer is lifted bodily off the floor and straight up smashed down into the wooden table, sending cutlery and food flying. A tall troll, her skin a deep blue and her white hair glowing in the lamplight, has one single hand on the rogue’s neck, her other swiping the coinpurse effortlessly from the man’s pocket. Perhaps a thief herself, she draws a huge sword from its sheath and looks at the other attackers, just a glance. “Can’t even let a woman enjoy her fucking meal, can you?” She says, the corded muscles in her arms tightening and the man making a disgusting choking noise. The others look on with trepidation.

“An off-duty Praetorian Guard, at that.” Carys replies, cracking the bones in her neck and standing up straight, wiping a little blood from her mouth. The restaurant is deathly silent now with utter fear, watching with baited breath. The troll lady shrugs. “Sorry, didn’t know. And since nobody else stood up to help…” She seems straightforward, not messing about, and doesn’t seem to be afraid that Carys might arrest her for beating up a bunch of criminals when she might be a criminal herself.

At this point, the pickpocket’s friends decide to book it out into the street, and Carys doesn’t have the energy to chase them without a squad behind her. Besides, it’s her bloody day off, and her food has been ruined. “Let him up, I’ll take him in.” She binds up the ruffian’s wrists with a sidelong glance at the troll woman’s weaponry, barely concealed by her cheap clothes and armour. “I should take you in for openly carrying all of this down the street, too.” Carys adds.

“Why should I hide it? Means I don’t get robbed when I’m trying to tuck into dinner, most of the time.” Troll-lady retorts, and puts a safe hand on the pommel of her sword. Carys raises her eyebrows, not expecting such an honest answer. There’s a pause whilst she thinks, before she looks up at her new acquaintance and smiles. “There’s one way I wouldn’t have to take you in, if you want to make yourself useful to the people of Opana.” Karolina tilts her head slightly to the side, like a puppy, questioning.

Karolina Larmoir

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