As the war between Avedine and Dunlor is already breaching it's third year, King Saul VI of the former has elected to up the stakes with outside aid. Though many of the nearby Doomholds have provided alleigance, troops and supplies to both parties, their offerings in hope of higher status and trade are hardly war-winning.

And thus, some deal was struck between the King and Queen Sofia I of Opana – a trade of finer soldiers in exchange for something not known by the people; power, money, land, perhaps. The list that flutters the lips of commoners is endless and often conspiratorial. A battalion of the Imperial Praetorian Guard has been sent on secondment to join the Avedinian infantry. These are supposedly the best of the best; soldiers, magi and far more dangerous individuals who are second only to the Queen's royal guard and more secret operatives. You are these soldiers, Tuesday Company, and some small thread of fate in this war lies upon your shoulders.

Fólkvangr Biðr

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